Lorie Line at Belle Mehus Auditorium

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Belle Mehus Auditorium | Bismarck, North Dakota

Lorie Line

The spirit of New Age is alive and smoking hot this winter when Lorie Line takes over Belle Mehus Auditorium in Bismarck, North Dakota on Thursday 21st December 2023! You and your amazing friends can come down to one of the leading music concert venues in your side of the state for a mythical event that you can’t afford to miss. You could hear unbelievable renditions of some of the most popular New Age music around and enjoy the comfort vibe that has kept New Age music on the map ever since the genre was born. It’s a classical sound that you can’t find anywhere else.

This genre of music has all the necessary pieces to be genuinely amazing. It's an out-of-the-ordinary path that has inspired a new way of thinking in many people and a fresh approach on the world around them. Everything you have heard up until now will be taken to a whole new level by Lorie Line.

That's why this will certainly be the most inspiring time of your life. The venue, Belle Mehus Auditorium, is exceptional in and of itself, but the attendees who frequent the venue for events like this one are among the most captivating and interesting people at any show you'll ever see.

Surely, a great performance is essential to a successful show, and that is precisely what you get here. Nothing will make you happier than being at the show in Bismarck, North Dakota on Thursday 21st December 2023 so make sure you don't have anything else scheduled for that day. Tickets will sell out faster than you think, so don't delay to scoop up yours from us before they're gone forever. The process is simple, just click on the "Buy Tickets" button and you are well on your way to the best concert ever.

Lorie Line at Belle Mehus Auditorium

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