201 N 6th Street, Bismarck, North Dakota 58501

Please allow sufficient time before the event for your travel and parking. Bismarck traffic is often busier around Belle Mehus Auditorium in relation to events. 

Parking at The Belle Mehus City Auditorium can be found situated right in the heart of Downtown Bismark – there is ample off-street parking nearby.

The closest three parking ramps are operated by Bismark Parking Authority with hourly parking rates. Sixth and Thayer Ramp, just to the west of the Auditorium, Parkade Parking Ramp on East Broadway Avenue, just to the south-west of the auditorium and Galleria Parking Ramp on North Seventh St, just to the south of the auditorium.

Hourly Parking Payment Rates for Bismark Parking Authority:

0:01 to 1 Hour $1.50

1:01 to 2 Hours $3.00

2:01 to 3 Hours $4.50

3:01 to 4 Hours $6.00

4:01 to 5 Hours $7.50

5:01 to 24 Hours $8.00

If arriving after 5pm there is free parking available at Bismark-Burleigh Public Health, two city blocks south of the Belle Mehus City Auditorium, off of Front Ave.